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But until I sat down at Manhattan’s new At Vermilion, I’d never tasted—never imagined—anything as successfully fused and flat-out delicious... - gourmet, Colman Andrews

Vermilion is the kind of place where, even if you've eaten all over the world..... you will still be surprised, delighted, even mesmerized. – John Mariani (wine spectator, esquire reviewer)

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The Vermilion Relaunch,
new menu and culinary team

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4 star review

vermilion relaunch

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vermilion relaunch

vermilion relaunch

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Selected Press:

MICHIGAN AVE Women of Influence 2015

McKinsey Alum Entrepreneurs



JBF Women in Culinary Leadership Program 2015

Food & Wine: 11 Foods That Move Some of Chicago's Top Women Chefs

Vermilion and James Beard Foundation partner to support women

for details on the Women in Culinary Leadership Program (WICL),
the ten celebrity Chefs for Women (CFW) backing this cause

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